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Medicated Gummy Bears
Medicated Gummy Bears

Medicated Gummy Bears

20mg THC Concentrate Each

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These Medicated thc concentrate infused gummy bears are perfect to enjoy for casual users or beginners.  Each gummy bear contains 20mg of thc concentrate.

'THC concentrate' is a condensed form of THC and is one of the purest of all cannabis extracts. It contains some of the highest degrees of terpenes among the concentrated extracts.

Adjust the quantity for multiple packs.

Each Pack Contains:

  • 5x Gummy Bears 
  • 20mg of thc concentrate in each gummy 

Flavours: Blue raspberry with a hint of medical flower

Traits: relaxing, happy, euphoric, creativity

Best Treatment For:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Loosen Tight Muscles
  • Appetite Loss

Please enjoy responsibly and one gummy bear at a time. A wait time of 45 - 60 minutes is recommended before consuming additional gummies. 

*No Preservatives Added — Best Kept Refrigerated*

20mg of THC Concentrate per gummy bear (approx.) | Total 100mg per pack